Carolyn McArthur began making pepper products in 1991, giving her first (Jalapeno Jelly) away as gifts. They were so well received, she began to offer them for sale at a local fruit stand. One of the stands needed a picante sauce to sell, so tomatoes and onions were donated by the stand to encourage her to develop a special sauce.

An aunt suggested putting Jalapanos in cranberry and peach jellies. She was so pleased with the results that the flavor of the peppers added to the jams, that she went on to develop all the varieties she has today.

The Jalapeno Jelly is the best seller, however, the Onion-Garlic and Jalapeno-Mustard Jellies (two of her most recent developments) are fast becoming as popular.

Carolyn only uses fresh fruits and vegetables in her versatile jellies. No preservatives are added to them. She still makes them in small batches as she did in the beginning. The jellies can be used as glazes on meat, as a sandwich spread or to season any vegetable.

Upon first taste, you will notice that the pepper tends to intensify the fruit flavor. Then you will realize that the jellies aren't as sweet as traditional jellies (the peppers tend to steal the sweetness). Finally, the pepper will kick in with a bite of its own. Not enough to hurt, but enough to let you know it's there.

The "Gourmet Trio", consisting of Jalapeno, Onion-Garlic and Jalapeno-Mustard, are the most versatile. With this grouping, you can glaze meats, spread them on sandwiches, season vegetables, glaze mustard on pork chops for grilling, on meatballs or on a ham and cheese sandwich.

The Onion-Garlic is incredible on pork roast, beef, chicken, on hot cornbread, French Bread topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese or a tasty cheese sandwich. Or you can try Carolyn's favorite, mix it with cream cheese on a Ritz cracker. The Jalapeno Jelly works well with all of the above.

Mrs McArthur's Salsa is good for chips or topping eggs like any other salsa. We like to say "It's a change of Pace". The relish and Texas Caviar are a little hotter, but definitely sweeter to the taste because there are a lot more onions and peppers than tomatoes and we use a different blend of spices. The heat is intensely sneaky, it will wait unit it gets to the back of your throat before taking hold and will build from there.

Our primary source of revenue is through Arts and Crafts Shows on the weekends and by mail order. Supplies are re-stocked during the weekdays in the original kitchen (in a building on her property) in the little tiny town of Dobbin, Texas, northwest of Houston and west of Lake Conroe.




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