Gourmet Pepper Jellies - 8 oz.
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Jalapeño Jelly
The best jalapeño jelly you'll ever experience. Try it on a steak or in a pot of new peas. Excellent on top a cracker spread with cream cheese!
Ass-Kickin' Habanero Jelly
For the THRILL-SEEKER in all of us. This one was born to squelch your HUNGER-FOR-THE-HEAT!
Cranberry-Jalapeño Jelly
An interesting variation on a traditional theme. Great as a Glaze on poultry!
Pepper Peach Preserves
Excellent on pork or hot-buttered biscuits. Use your imagination!
Strawberry-Rhubarb Pepper Preserves
A wonderful blend of sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb. Along with the peach, this one is great for the uninitiated.

Pineapple-Kiwi Pepper Jelly
A delicate combination of two exotic fruits, spiced with a touch of jalapeños. Excellent as a glaze on ham.
Apple-Raspberry Pepper Jelly
The rich full flavor of fresh raspberries, tempered with tangy apples and spicy jalapeños.
Apricot-Pineapple Pepper Jelly
Apricots and pineapple, blended with spicy jalapeños.
Onion-Garlic Pepper Jelly
Potent onions, fresh garlic, and jalapeños- All partying together for a triple whammy! Glaze On hot breads (cornbread is great!). Don't Forget to use this as a spread on your deli-meat Sandwiches for a neat twist.

Jalapeño-Mustard Jelly
Hot mustard coupled with spicy jalapeños make a truly remarkable spread. Try it on pork chops or chicken on the grill. Bonus Tip: use this crowd-pleaser to glaze meatballs for an appetizer!
Bread N' Butter Peppers
That sweet bread'n'butter flavor, then a kick you wouldn't Expect.
16 oz.
Texas Candy
Potent little balls of FIRE! Great on a sandwich, or topping a cracker au natural.
8 oz.
Red Pepper Puree
Process eliminates water & concentrates oils. VERY hot!
4 oz. Jar only.
Pure Fire!!
Descendant of an invention that drove me out of the kitchen when I first made it. This one's smoother but just as potent. Hotter than the crazy gringo sauce, advise use in small quantities and with caution!!
2 oz. Jar only.

Candied jalepenos with cucumbers, with cloves of garlic and dill for flavor, in a thick “gar-dilly” syrup.
8 oz.


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