Sauces / Relishes - 16 oz.
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Picante Sauce
A unique blend of garden fresh vegetables and spices. Guaranteed to wake up your palate.

Sissy: All of the flavor and NONE of the fire of the original recipe.
Mild: Somewhat warmer than most mild.
Medium: Twice as many peppers as the mild, half as many as the hot.
Hot: Hotter!! ( You get the picture now?)

Pepper Relish
Sweeter. A completely different blend of seasonings and spices. More like a Chow Chow. Keep in mind, the main ingredient is hot peppers.
Texas Caviar
Black-eyed peas in chunky pepper relish. Mix with sour cream and serve as a dip.
Sauces / Relishes - 12 oz.
Black Bean Salsa
A wonderful change from traditional salsa! Serve chilled or at room temperature with Your favorite chips, or make our "non–traditional" Tortilla soup ( recipe on the jar).
Salsa Verde
Hotter than most green sauces!
Habanero Salsa — Friendly or Hostile
A relatively mild salsa (in Habanero-ese). It's actually edible! You get that great HABANERO HEAT RUSH, and then a Wonderful flavor prevails! Choose Friendly or Hostile!
Crazy Gringo
Let the buyer beware! Twenty times the habaneros as the Friendly - this one is not for everyone!!!
Phoenix Fire
Pay close attention — FORTY times the habaneros as the Friendly. You may die in the flames but be reborn in the ashes. Also, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!
Peach Habanero Sauce
Brand new in the summer of 2001 — A sweeter blend of spices. The habanero pepper compliments the peaches well. You can actually taste the peaches - Peachy Sweet!
Raspberry Picante
Also brand new in 2001 — Back by popular demand. Lots of raspberries.
Raspberry Chipotle Sauce
A smokey raspberry sauce that is distinctly flavorful and piquant. Top a pork roast or just enjoy with chips. Also good over cream cheese.
Salsa Roja
Another smokey treat. Verde is no longer green with chipotle peppers. Great flavor for meatloaf, eggs, or to top a baked potato. Definitely NOT mild!
Chipotle Black Beans
Smokey black bean dip. Great by itself or with Mexican food - tacos, fajitas, etc.
A sweeter version of our hot relishes. This version seems tailor- made to use whenever you would use sauerkraut, cornbread, or sausage.
Also has HABANEROS — 'nuf said
Rip-Roarin' Relish
A hot, sweet all-purpose relish. Great on hot dogs, sandwiches, and Salads (and be sure to try it in cornbread or mixed in with beans, and …?). Jalepenos are the main ingredient!
Unique Corn Kernels
Brand new in 2002 — sweet & spicy. Add to cornbread, or hush puppies, or use as a condiment with meat.

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