Gift Paks
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The Jelly Sampler:
Nine(9) 55ml hex jars, gives you ONE each of the pepper jellies(J-M).
Jelly Assortment:
Three(3) 8-oz. jellies in a shipping carton. Specify by product letter (J-H).

2&1 - 8oz Assortment:
Two(2) Jellies (J-H) & One(1) Sauces/Relish - 8-oz. jars.
1&2 - 8oz Assortment:
One(1) Jelly (J-H) & Two(2) Sauces/Relishes - 8-oz jars
Sauce / Relish Assortment:
Three(3) 8-oz. jars in a shipping carton Specify by product.

Large Jar 2-Pak:
Two(2) 12 or 16-oz. jars in shipping carton. Choose from products.
Jelly Case:
Twelve (12) Gourmet pepper jellies -- Mix & Match by product-letters (J-H)

Sauce / Relish Case:
 Twelve(12) larger jars, mix & match any salsa or relish.
Gift Basket One:
Choose ONE(1) item from flavors #1-13, (Do we add?) with a hand-thrown salsa jar and lid.
Gift Basket Two:
Pick two (2) items from flavors #1-13 (12/16 oz jars) and three(3) jelly items(110 ml jars) to fill a Texas-decorated basket.

Individual Items:
Any item available as a single for $5 + shipping and handling:






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